What is the Whole30 Diet?



Eliminating ice cream might sound like torture for some, but with the Whole30 plan you will be eliminating more than just ice cream. Find out what the diet is all about below!

What is Whole30?

Whole30 is a spin off of the Paleo diet, where followers eliminate grains, dairy, legumes, sugar and even alcohol for an entire month. The premise behind this “elimination” diet is the thought that the body might not be evolved enough to handle some foods such as dairy, grains and sugars. Removing them from the diet for 30 days allows the body to reset itself and after the month has passed, the dieter begins to slowly add foods back into the diet one group at a time.

The elimination of these foods allows the dieter to understand what foods may be causing the ailments they have which can range from low energy to poor sleep. Those who have successfully followed the Whole30 plan have seen improvements such as weight loss, improved cholesterol levels and mental clarity.

Is Whole30 Too Extreme?

Though Whole30 has increasingly gained popularity with dieters since its development by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig in 2009, not all nutritionists are sold on the diet.

Though the reduction of sugar and grains has been extensively studied and shown to be beneficial, there is little research to show the benefits of the reduction of legumes and yogurt. The fear is that if not supplemented, dieters could face nutritional deficiencies through the reduction of these foods.

The Positives

Though the Whole30 diet may have a few grey areas, its ability to reduce follower’s intake of processed foods and fast foods is an obvious positive. A significant reduction of these foods in the diet as well as a reduction of sugar can lead to not only weight loss, but also a reduction in bad cholesterol, chronic inflammation, and even diabetes.

The Whole30 diet is a great way to reset the body if you’ve followed an unhealthy diet for any period of time. Nothing bad can come from eliminating processed foods and instead eating more lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats. In fact, you may find that after 30 days on the Whole30 diet, your cravings for those unhealthy, processed foods has vanished.

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  1. I’ve done a Whole30 in the past and soon after became curious about the scientific research provided in the book, It Starts With Food. As I am a student studying nutritional science and currently work as a researcher, I decided to review the citations the authors provide for each chapter of the book and see if the science matched up with the claims being made.

    Unfortunately, I found that a majority of the cited claims were very misleading or completely false. This book can substantially mislead people about what a proper healthy diet looks like due to this inaccurate information. You can read some of my chapter reviews of the book here:


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