What is the Vortex – and how can it help you create your best life?


Do you notice that there are times in your life when everything seems to be going smoothly? In fact, it is like you are gliding, or in the flow – because things are going so well. You feel good, your thoughts are positive, you are eager and excited about life in general.

Do you also notice there are times when everything seems to be out of whack – you feel ornery, everyone around you seems ornery, your car breaks down, your refrigerator stops running, you are in a state of negativity and frustration, and it seems like life is just giving you a hard time?

Of course you do – we all are very familiar with these phases. It is part of the human experience.

What if you found out that there is a possibility that you can effectively steer or guide yourself into the positive flow much more often? Wouldn’t that be exciting? Well, it is more than just a possibility – it is absolutely doable.

If you follow the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, as translated through motivational speaker Esther Hicks, you will know exactly what this means. The dreamy, happy, eager and positive states where you feel that you are in the flow means you are in what they call the Vortex.

If you are not familiar with these teachings, consider this a primer about the Vortex and how you can access it.

For practical purposes, let’s go right to the very heart of their teachings, a large part of which focuses upon getting into the Vortex.

Accoring to the Reference.com Dictionary, you will discover that a vortex is “something regarded as drawing into its powerful current everything that surrounds it.”

When you take this scientific definition and use it to define a state of emotional well-being, you can sense immediately that getting drawn into it would be a very good thing indeed!

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction (LOA), then the Vortex as Abraham describes it will be very familiar to you; according to Abraham, we all have a non-physical energy, otherwise known as our inner being, or source, or really whatever term you are comfortable using.

We can use this non-physical part of ourselves to connect with, or, as Abraham says, come into alignment with, the Vortex. In the Vortex, you will find your state of happiness, joy, and flow. It is essentially a vibrational state of being, in which you can access what is described as pure positive energy.

In the Vortex, you are in the ideal state in which to access your most cherished dreams. All of your goals, dreams and desires are in the Vortex, because that is where your most powerful self resides.

When you are out of the Vortex, you feel discombobulated, ornery, out-of-sync, perhaps even depressed.

Your emotions are your guidance system so to speak, that let you know which direction you are heading. If you break it down to its core – when you are in the Vortex you feel great, on top of the world. When you are out of it, you feel pretty awful.

It is normal and natural to move into and out of the Vortex, but you can certainly gain access into it far more often when you have the knowledge and the tools to do so. It is not a complicated or, forgive the term, “kooky,” or an esoteric, nebulous process. Some of the ways you can access the Vortex include:

  • Getting outside and enjoying a lovely day out in nature
  • Writing in a gratitude journal and letting your appreciation for things wash through you
  • Meditation
  • A nice, refreshing nap
  • Having a really good laugh
  • Reading inspirational material
  • Dancing to happy music that fills you with joy
  • Making love

Those are just a small handful of ways to access the Vortex.

There are dozens of Abraham-Hicks workshops you can access right from the comfort of your home through audio recordings as well, and these are an excellent tool not only for knowledge, but for getting into the Vortex far more often. You can also listen to audio books on the subject (see this post to discover how to get one for free right now).

There is also a terrific video on YouTube which is an excerpt from an Abraham-Hicks workshop that explains the Vortex on an introductory level. It’s another great place to start.

Getting into the Vortex is not something that is complicated or difficult, in fact, it’s far easier that you might imagine. If you’ve ever found yourself laughing with abandon (say, while watching a hilarious viral video), then you know exactly how to get into the Vortex.

When you can access that state more and more, you will find your life to be a great, fun adventure, and improving at every possible level.

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