3 Weight Loss Scams and Their Healthier, Effective Alternatives



Spring is arriving in the US and many other countries, and that means that marketers will be in full force pushing their “magic weight loss” products to help you get your body “bikini ready.” It can be all-too-easy to fall for weight loss scam products when you know the warm weather will lead to you exposing a little more skin soon to stay cool. Don’t fall for these three scam products, and instead, try the natural, healthy alternatives!

1. Magic Slimming Body Wraps

This is one of the most popular weight loss scam products currently, and also one of the biggest wastes of time and money. You can’t burn fat or “shrink fat cells” on your body by wrapping it in anything. You can temporarily cause an area of your body to sweat, which will make it appear a bit smaller until your body redistributes natural fluid back to it. However, it won’t take long for your body to do it, the fluid can return within hours.

Want to lose water weight (temporarily) and look slimmer? Try a Bikram yoga class, also known as “hot yoga.” You will definitely sweat during the class and lose some temporary water weight, but more importantly, you will get a great stress-relieving yoga session that actually benefits your body long-term.

2. Fat Burning Pills: Lose Weight and Increase Your Energy!

Diet pills have been around for decades, and they will likely never go away. As soon as the public learns one doesn’t work or it is banned by the FDA, another pops up for a few minutes of fame. Many promise to “burn fat” while increasing your energy and/or suppressing your appetite.

Many of these pills will give you quick boosts of energy when you take them and maybe slightly blunt your appetite, but that is just because they are filled with caffeine. Even if you don’t see the word “caffeine on the label” it is often disguised by the inclusion of a high-caffeine herb, such as guarana, green tea extract, or coffee bean extract.

However, caffeine-filled pills can be very dangerous, because they deliver too much caffeine to your body at once, and that can cause your heartbeat to become irregular and dehydrate your body.

Drinking green tea or coffee is a much more affordable and healthier way to increase your energy and dull your appetite a bit. Both beverages also contain plenty of healthy antioxidants that the pills don’t.

Does drinking green tea or coffee “trap the carbs you eat?” too? No, but neither does any pill!

3. Pills and “Nutrition” Bars That Make You Feel Fuller

This is another old standard weight-loss trick. Take a pill or eat a special bar before a meal and feel fuller, so you eat less during your meal. The “magic” ingredient in these pills or bars are always some type of fiber, usually a lesser-known one that they hope people put in the research to find out that they can purchase it much cheaper elsewhere.

If you want to eat less at your next meal, eat any fiber-filled food before you eat it instead of taking a magic pill.

Even better– just pack your meals with healthy, whole foods to lose weight without having to having to rely on diet gimmicks at all!

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