Watermelon rind smoothie has sweet cinnamon and honey flair


Recently, we wrote about some of the healthiest parts of foods people may be overlooking.

For oranges, it was the white pith (that fibrous layer between the peel and the flesh most of us tend to peel away). When it comes to watermelon, lots of folks overlook the rind . . . yes the rind! It boasts a unique kind of antioxidant known to fight free radicals.

The watermelon rind discovery set me on a mission to find a recipe. There were lots of ways to make candied or pickled watermelon rinds, but not without spending too much time. I’m not much for fuss. Things to do, places to go . . . right?

We’re all pressed for time, so when I stumbled upon the Cinnamon Watermelon Rind Milkshake on Watermelonrind.com (there really is a web site for everything, isn’t there?), I knew I’d have to give it a whirl.

The results? It’s easy to make and can I just say: yum!


*(note: the green outer layer of the rind should be peeled as it’s not edible. But it’s not like it’s deadly or anything; worst case scenario, your stomach will be upset. Still, not a fun experience. But I digress. In any event, the rest of the watermelon rind is fine to consume).

Now, the recipe on the web site called for 2 scoops Of Tillamook Vanilla Ice Cream, which I did not use. In fact, I didn’t use any ice cream . . . just the items listed above. It came out A-OK without ice cream.

The overall flavor is light and sweet, but not overly sweet. Even though I blended this on high, there was some fibrous stuff happening, but it was so finely mixed that it never got in the way of enjoying the experience. I’m just mentioning it because I know there are some people out there who are sensitive to certain textures.

The health benefits of the cinnamon watermelon rind smoothie

So we already know that the watermelon rind has an antioxidant called citrulline, which is great for fighting free radicals. Plus, it has decent amounts of vitamin C and B6 which help keep skin in good shape, while also boosting immunity as well as our nervous system.

As far as cinnamon (Amazon affiliate link), it’s been shown to help reduce cholesterol and even help with arthritis. So too, has raw honey (aff link).

Both cinnamon and honey are good for us, helping with everything from keeping arteries unclogged to relieving gas and warding off colds. Read more about the health benefits of both here.

I’ll definitely be making this cinnamon watermelon rind smoothie again.

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