Trust yourself to get success – this includes improving health


Esther Hicks, of the mind/body Abraham Hicks realm, talks often about the power we have to get what we deserve in life.

Typically discussing the importance of staying in tune to our body’s vibrations, or overall harmony with the world around us, she tells people that the power to make healthy choices is always within us. It can even guide our food choices.

So, why is it that we often tend to doubt ourselves, specifically, our health and our ability to greatly improve it? We find a rash and jump to conclusions. Surely, the rash is the first of its kind and will stump even the best of scientists. We cough a little more than usual and assume the worse.

Maybe we’re truly going through something challenging and stressful to our health, emotionally and physically. It happens to us all, yet Hicks says with certainty that we can see ourselves through it. So, how is it that we can improve our health?


Trusting yourself to improve health: how it helps

Hicks explains that we must “trust [our] own guidance” and “clean up [our] own vibration” in order to avoid that vicious my-life-is-doomed cycle. You know what she’s talking about . . . before we know it, our head’s so wrapped up in a “woe is me” mentality, compounded by asking questions and seeking advice from everyone around us, that we miss out on the one person best suited to fix us: ourselves.

It’s simple. She says that we clearly know what we want. When we’re ill, we want to be better and we know in our heart what we’ll do (or not) to get there. Trusting that we will be better, rather than losing our sense of empowerment by relying on outside sources to make us feel better or to tell us we will feel better, is essential.

With so many medicines, changing medical practices and study results and even “new body parts” as she half jokes, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. All this anxiety that’s produced when we look outward rather than inward can actually make our health issues worsen. Who wants that?

In other words, she stresses that we must not only believe that others can improve their health, but we must also believe that same concept is true for ourselves. If they can do it, why can’t we? Since when were we so in tune to others’ positivity and so down on our own?

Hick’s isn’t suggesting we wear rose colored glasses. She’s well aware that it’s normal to feel fear over a diagnosis, saying there’s nothing wrong with feeling emotions over a health problem. What she does say though, is that we must not compare our specific condition to anyone else (with the same condition or not) and to stay in tune with our own mind and body.

Trusting ourselves and our ability to heal is what turns fear into hope. This is what shuts off the static around us so we can improve our health. To listen to Esther Hicks elaborate on this concept, check out the video below.

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