Thyroid problems and obesity: when is it real, and when is it an excuse?


Shane Ellison of The People’s Chemist may raise some eyebrows with his statements about how obese people need to stop using the “thyroid problem” as an excuse for their excess weight. In a video shot while taking his child to school, he mentions how while driving, the bad eating habits of people are frequently observed.

Natural Thyroid Cure – Thyroid or DONUT Problem?

He explains how many people are often ” . . . shoving donuts down their throats for breakfast and washing it down as fast as they can with soda.” These, he says, are typically the same people who contact him insisting that their weight problems are related to thyroid issues, who then go on to request thyroid medication.

He insists such people don’t have a thyroid problem, but instead have a “donut problem,” lacing his video with some pretty harsh words to describe the kind of hall of fame such individuals belong in. You’ll see in the video. Belittling as some of his comments are, his main goal is to convey that people may be in more control of their thyroid health than they realize. “Habits create and eradicate obesity, not drugs,” Ellison says. “You can bring your thyroid back to life with your habits, not drugs.”

The thyroid-weight gain connection

At Raw and Natural Health, we’ve seen time and again how eating healthy, organic foods have the power to naturally heal and maintain a healthy body. From blood pressure-reducing juices to heart-healthy recipes, these are the habits that can help control weight and help improve thyroid conditions.

Of course, there is a correlation between thyroid problems and obesity. Body composition and thyroid hormones are indeed linked since thyroid hormones play a role in regulating weight including metabolic function, fat oxidation and food intake (1). Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) in particular is linked to weight gain.

We have to agree with Ellison, minus the semi holier-than-thou attitude and rude(ish) tone. That aside, he makes the point that there’s a difference between a legitimate ill-functioning thyroid and weight gain and people who eat pizza and cereals daily only to blame their obesity on the “my darn thyroid” excuse.

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