Tired of Turmeric? 3 Other Spices That Fight Disease and Inflammation



There is no question that eating plenty of turmeric daily can help keep you in great health, but adding the same spice to every meal can begin to bore your taste-buds a bit. Do you find yourself wishing there were other spices you could include in your diet that offer a huge nutritional punch, like turmeric does? The great news is that there are many! All differ slightly in disease-fighting components, but they are still packed with antioxidants and offer a variety of other health benefits.

1. Chives Protect You From Cancer and Depression

Chives are rich in not only antioxidants, but also substances called organosulfer compounds and choline. These compounds in chives, along with their other nutrients, can help keep cancerous cells from forming.

A diet rich in chives can help prevent stomach cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer. The choline in them has also been shown to boost mood, so if you feel great after eating chives, it may be more than their great taste that makes you feel so good!

2. Cinnamon is Packed with Antioxidants and Helps Keep Blood-Sugar Stable

Want to super-charge your desserts? Adding cinnamon to them is a great way to do it! One reason turmeric is so great for your health is the fact that every tablespoon packs a huge antioxidant punch that you can often only get when eating large quantities of other foods.

Not only does cinnamon have a slight edge over turmeric in antioxidant content, but it also helps keep your blood-sugar more stable. That means that when you add it to your favorite desserts, not only does it make them taste great, but it can also help keep the sugar in the desserts from spiking your blood-sugar quite as high.

You can add cinnamon not only to virtually any dessert, but you can shake a little on your morning coffee to start your day in a healthy way!

2. Basil Fights Inflammation and Bloating

Not only is basil a good source of calcium, potassium, and vitamin K, but it also contains powerful antioxidants that fight inflammation, similar to how turmeric does, that are often the root cause of many health problems, including those daily aches and pains.

Basil also has diuretic properties, making it not only great for reducing that monthly bloating many women face, but it also has been shown to reduce swelling that accompanies many joint problems, including arthritis.

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