Shed pounds with ease: top 3 weight loss tips from Esther/Abraham Hicks


Do you need to shed a few (or more than a few) pounds? It looks like lots of us do. Approximately 45 million Americans are on a diet every year, according to the Boston Medical Center. Take a look at all of the diet ads and products, and that number doesn’t seem far-fetched. Let’s not also forget how much of a surge there is in social media when the weight loss or gain of a celebrity starts trending. Our fascination with weight, personal or otherwise, is almost obsessive!

Esther Hicks, who delivers Abraham Hicks’ inspirational words of wisdom fueled with positivity, says that we can lose weight by paying attention to what we really want. Yes, it’s that easy!

Often telling the masses that we must forget what others say to us, she insists that we turn our attention to doing what’s right for us. In this regard, she urges us to be fully aware of what is “percolating . . . in [our] vibrational escrow” and to stop the resistance that brings us down, preventing us from achieving our goals.

Top 3 weight loss tips from Esther Hicks

1) Don’t compare yourself to others

When we constantly succumb to resistance, be it family members who urge us to try the diet that worked best for them or by comparing ourselves to someone who lost weight faster, Hicks says we’re compromising our ability to move forward.

This “vibrational tug of war” keeps us in a cycle that halts our progress and so, we continuously end up saying things like “I’ve tried every diet and exercise program and nothing seems to work for me.”

2) Believe in yourself

The key to getting in shape? Don’t just say you want it, believe that you want it. Hicks explains that ” . . . you can’t eat something that you believe will make you fat and be slender . . . it’s all about vibrational balance.” Once a person starts to believe they need to improve their health and that they can do it with ease, they actually will. You’d be surprised at the network of support that flows from this new way of thinking.

3) Make peace with food

Hicks shares the story of a time when she dined out with a friend. She describes the friend as someone who was so slender and beautiful that should could be a model. What did this woman eat? Hicks said she ate two meals and dessert!

When asked how she does it, she replied, “food is my friend.” Hicks says that making peace with food means being happy with your body and what you put in it. “It isn’t that there are certain foods that you must eat and therefore you will get results,” she says, reinforcing her belief in the power of aligning our vibrational energies to our desired outcomes.

Want to learn more? Check out this video where Esther Hicks talks about this topic in more detail.

Here’s to your weight loss success!

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