Can Just a One-Minute Workout Improve Your Health? Learn About the New Study & How to Do the Workout



Even if you eat very healthy, exercise is an important part of keeping your cardiovascular system healthy. However, getting enough exercise may be more difficult for you than eating healthy due to a sheer lack of time in your busy day. A new study shows that just one minute of high intensity exercise three times each week can be as good for your heart (and the rest of your body) as 150 minutes of mid-intensity exercise every week! Sound too good to be true? Read on for more details and how to perform the one-minute workout.

One-minute Workout Study Details: There is a Tiny Catch

While touted as just a one-minute workout, the truth is that it would be unhealthy to just burst into sudden extreme exercise without warming up before and cooling down after. The one-minute workout that was tested actually involves a total of 10 minutes of time, but only one-minute of that time was spent working out at a high intensity level.

In the end, just three of these workouts each week does improve your health as much as four 30-40 minute mid-intensity workouts, so it is still a huge savings of time, even if it does take a full ten minutes to perform the one-minute workout.

One-Minute Workout Guidelines

The workout that actually takes a total of 10 minutes is made up of the following intervals:

  1. Two-minute warm up (low intensity)
  2. 20 seconds of intense activity
  3. Two minutes of moderate activity
  4. 20 seconds of intense activity
  5. Two minutes of moderate activity
  6. 20 seconds intense activity
  7. Three minute cool down (low intensity)

So, there are technically seven phases, and you may want to jot them down on a piece of paper (or print this page out) to glance at during your first few sessions, you will begin remembering them in no time at all. A stopwatch will also come in handy.

One-Minute Workout Activity Ideas

Now that you know the phases and intensity of them, you may wonder how you can do the workout if you don’t have an exercise bike, like used in the study. Here are some ideas:

  • Do your workout outside and alternate running and walking while getting a little sunshine.
  • Make some space indoors or in your yard and use a jump rope! Alternate jumping leisurely with jumping as fast as you can.
  • Do some jumping jacks during down times and do some burpees for the full-intensity spurts.
  • Dance, alternating slow and fast “speeds!”

Any activity where you can alternate intensities will do, and you can mix and match activities as much as you like as long as you hit the intensities in the guidelines.

Now you know about the one-minute workout and how to do it. Yeah, it really takes 10 minutes, but it is still a super-easy and quick way to improve your health!

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