3 Little-Known Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks



May is Mental Health Awareness Month, although some would argue that mental health needs to be in the spotlight every month. Among all diseases and disorders that affect the human body, those that affect how a person thinks and feels still face a huge stigma that other diseases don’t. You can’t have a healthy body if you don’t have a healthy mind. A very common issue today is anxiety, and today we are going to discuss some easy ways to manage anxiety and stop panic attacks.

Natural Ways to Manage Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks

Before we discuss supplements and vitamins that can help prevent and control anxiety, we are going to cover some little-known activities that can help stop anxiety when it hits you. They all work in unique ways:

1. Solve Math Problems in the Midst of an Anxiety Attack

This tip may sound strange, and no, you don’t have to be great at math to try it! Even solving simple math problems with paper and pencil (or in your head) when an anxiety attack strikes is helpful. Why? Solving math problems is a task that takes your full concentration. As you are concentrating on your problems, you cannot think about those “what if?” or other anxious thoughts, because your brain is so fully engaged on the activity.

2. Use an Adult Coloring Book

While you can always borrow your child’s coloring book to try this task, there are many adult coloring books that are a bit more challenging and tailored to the interests of adults. Whichever type of book you choose to color, this is not only another way to distract your brain from those anxious thoughts, but coloring has also been shown to help calm your mind and encourage your brain to release feel-good chemicals naturally.

3. Use This DIY Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Technique

Going to an anxiety counselor can be helpful to learn tips to manage your attacks or generalized anxiety, but there are also techniques you can use on yourself. This helpful tip was posted online by a psychologist named Alice Boyes that you can get more details about here:

When stressed about a specific event coming up (anything!), ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the worst that could happen during the event?
  2. What is the best that could happen?
  3. What will most likely happen?

It sounds short and simple (and is), but it helps you think more rationally in the moment of panic or anxiety, which can lead to irrational thinking. Click on the above link to go to the Alice Boyes’ website to read examples of this technique and learn more about how it works.

Try one or more of these natural techniques for managing anxiety and stopping panic attacks. If one doesn’t seem to work for you, try another.

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