Getting Hit with Spring Pollen Allergies? 3 Natural Allergy Remedies (Including Foods with Natural Antihistamines!)



There can be nothing worse than deciding whether to feel miserable all day due to not using medication to control your spring pollen allergies or to feel miserable due to the side effects of a medication you do decide to take. Even non-drowsy allergy medications can make you sleepy all day, not to mention their variety of other side effects. To manage your spring allergies without suffering from medication side effects, try these three natural allergy remedies.

1. A Neti Pot is Your Best Friend During Allergy Season

We talked about how rinsing your sinuses can help get rid of a sinus infection in the past, but it is also very effective at reducing your allergy symptoms. You don’t need any potent recipes, but just simple warm saline water made of one cup distilled water, ¼ teaspoon sea salt, and ¼ teaspoon of baking soda. Fill a neti pot with this, and pour half the solution into one nostril and out the other, then switch sides and repeat.

This simple practice that you can perform daily, or even twice-daily on bad days, rinses all of those nasty particles of pollen, dander, dust, and any other allergens driving you crazy out of your sinus tract. This can clear up your nose, relieve those itchy eyes, and even reduce the amount of allergens that end up in your lungs that make breathing difficult.

2. Eat These Foods That Contain Natural Antihistamines

Just like what you eat can affect virtually every other illness, there are foods that can help get rid of your allergy symptoms due to the natural antihistamines in them. Here is a great list of 21 foods and spices that contain natural antihistamines.

Some ideas to include them in your daily diet:

  • Add watercress, fresh moringa and/or pea sprouts to a morning green smoothie.
  • Make homemade raw pesto sauce that includes garlic and fresh holy basil and use as a spread on sandwiches, to top pasta, or just mix with a bowl of veggies.
  • Make a tea with fresh chamomile and peppermint before bed and a nettle/peppermint tea mid-day.

3. Shower, Wash Your Hair, and Change Your Clothing Frequently

These are simple, natural allergy-control techniques that are often overlooked in the midst of a busy life. If you typically shower only in the morning or every other day, then taking a nightly full shower to wash all those allergens off your skin and hair can do wonders for how you sleep at night.

If you have long hair, then it is especially important to begin washing it every day, even if you typically don’t. Allergens cling to hair very easily, and after just a couple of days, that hair can be covered in pollen without looking any different. If your hair becomes too dry with a full daily shampoo, then look into the co-washing technique where you massage your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo, then rinse. This massaging and rinsing will remove that pollen without drying out your delicate strands.

If you find your allergies acting up mid-day badly, then it can also help to change your clothing (or at least your shirt) to make sure any pollen it attracted during the day is not contributing to your symptoms.

Try these three natural allergy remedies to help keep that spring pollen from driving you crazy. You can then forget about those allergy medications that leave you feeling just as bad as the allergies themselves!

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