Mono-fruiting: is it good for us?


There are all kinds of dietary lifestyles out there and mono-fruiting is one of them. Just like it sounds, it involves eating only one fruit for a determined period of time. People who enjoy this way of eating typically purchase fruit in bulk, and it’s not uncommon for some of them to even have two refrigerators or extensive pantry space!

But . . . (cue up the suspenseful music) is mono-fruiting good for us?

Yes, mono-fruiting really works

A woman named Yulia Tarbath swears by the lifestyle, as does her husband.  She prefers bananas in particular since they’re easily available, healthy and affordable. Eating bananas for extended periods of time has improved her concentration as well as her skin.

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We can go on. There’s Freelee the Banana Girl, best known for her “30 bananas a day” diet and even people who claim to have cleared their acne by only eating apples.


The downside of mono-fruiting

Despite these claims, many people advise against this dietary lifestyle, saying that it doesn’t give our bodies the full amount of nutrients it needs. For those interested in losing weight, it may actually make the numbers on the scale higher. In fact, fitness expert Dr. Melina Jampolis says, “fruit has almost three times the calories per serving as nonstarchy vegetables.”

As with any dietary choice we make, it’s smart to do your research and know pros and cons of each.  Read, plan and do your best to make sure that you consume organic, whole foods when possible.

Happy eating!

To get in on the debate regarding the healthful/adverse effects of mono-fruiting, check out this story.

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  1. As ive only been 100%raw hclf for two weeks now, I will need to get my head around the next step of mono – fruiting.
    Bananas would definately be my first choice.

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