2 Easy Ways to Make Raw Oat Milk Without a Blender!



Almond milk is a healthy, non-dairy milk alternative, but oat milk is also nutritious and delicious (as long as you like the taste of oats, of course!) Both are great options for vegans, but each has their specific advantages. Raw oat milk is great if you suffer from nut allergies, don’t have a powerful blender, or just want to try something new. Here are two ways to make healthy raw oat milk without a blender.

1. How to Make Oat Milk with Only Rolled Oats and a Strainer

To make this version of oat milk, you just need rolled oats, water, and any straining device you have handy. While nut milk bags and cheesecloth are preferable, since they can help you press the oat/water mixture to extract all the nutrients, a fine mesh strainer of any type will work in a pinch.


One cup rolled oats

Five cups room temperature water

Optional: pinch sea salt, sweetener, vanilla extract to taste.


1. Combine the oats and water in a large bowl and let soak for about 30 minutes at room temperature. Stir the mixture occasionally to help break down the oats and unleash the nutrients and flavor.

2. Strain the mixture with your straining device of choice, but don’t toss those oats just yet!

3. After straining, combine the oats and water again, and give them a second 30-minute soak.

4. Strain again, and add your desired optional ingredients.

5. Store mixture in a glass jar in the refrigerator, and be sure to give it a good shake before you drink it later.

Why double soak and strain? The straining process helps break down the oats further, especially if you are pressing them with cheesecloth or in a nut milk bag. Soaking and straining twice will give you a richer oat milk.

Don’t waste those leftover oats! They are still packed with healthy fiber and some of the oat nutrients, so eat them as you would raw oatmeal or use them in your other favorite oat-based raw recipe.

2. How to Make Oat Milk with Just a Spice or Coffee Grinder

Using your spice or coffee grinder to grind almonds would likely burn out the motor, but you can use it without worry to create oat flour, since oats are very low-moisture and somewhat soft!

To use this method to make oat milk, just place ½ cup of rolled oats in your coffee or nut grinder (if it has a “maximum fill” line, then be sure to not go over it). Then, pulse as you would when grinding coffee or spices, and continue until you have a super-fine powder.

Then, simply place the oat flour in a bowl, and add just enough water to saturate it. Then, mix with a spoon to create a “sludge.” Add a little more water, mix, a little more, mix… until you have added about three cups of water total. Then pour into a glass jar and shake shake shake! Store in the refrigerator.

Feel free to adjust the amount of water you add to create a thicker or thinner milk to your taste. And like the strained oat milk, you can add a little extra flavor with a pinch of sea salt, a little sweetener or choice, and a couple of drops of vanilla extract.

Homemade raw oat milk is nutritious, delicious, affordable, and as a bonus, super-easy to make!

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