Healthy banned foods: could your healthy habits be illegal?


Many laws make sense. Things like not drinking and driving, wearing seat belts or helmets and not abusing people or animals are all wise moves making legal strides. Smart stuff.

Then there are the more ridiculous things in life that have laws behind them . . . things like certain healthy banned foods. Yes indeed, some healthy foods are actually banned in areas. It’s so bizarre, it’s as if this could all be some kind of party game or new TV show called, “Laws Gone Wild.” Guess the state, or food or just add your own silly reason and tah-dah . . . you’ve created a new law that’ll give everyone a case of giggles.

But the sad part is, it is true that certain healthy foods are banned. In keeping up with the spirit of Raw and Natural Health, we found healthy foods, that while good to eat, may be illegal depending on the circumstance.

Healthy banned foods

In Beech Grove, Indiana, don’t you dare eat watermelon in parks. It’s illegal to eat them due to rinds that were poking through garbage bags and making a general mess out of the area (1). Instead, we suggest blending that rind up in a watermelon rind smoothie and sipping it while at the park. Problem solved!

Live in California? Better think twice about carrying your avocado cabbage wrap down the streets of Riverside between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 PM. It’s illegal to carry your lunch down the street there (2).

Peanuts are a biggie. You can’t eat them in church in Boston, MA and in Greene, NY peanut-eating gets complicated. There, it’s illegal to eat peanuts and walk backwards down the street while a concert is playing (2). First of all, aren’t these just common-sense actions? Are there people who’d really break out the peanut trail mix in the pew? And what are the odds that peanut consumption, backwards walking and a concert would all happen simultaneously? Is it me, or is this just, well, nuts?

In any event, according to some, peanuts are really healthy nuts, provided they’re enjoyed raw. Purdue University’s Department of Food and Nutrition says peanuts are a great way to reduce cardiovascular disease risk factors and The World’s Healthiest Food’s web site explains that they’re rich in vitamins and minerals (3). Some people are concerned of mold in peanuts, regardless of whether the nuts are raw and/or organic.

So there you have it. Eat healthy, but beware of the places you choose to get your heart-healthy, immune-boosting benefits. Who knew?

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