HCLF Diet: Raw Vegan HCLF Diet vs Starch-Based HCLF Diet



There are two current trends in the vegan-eating world, and both keep fat and protein intake minimal while keeping carbs high. The two current most popular HCLF vegan diets include the HCLF raw diet and the HCLF starch-based diet. Read on to find out which is best for your weight-loss goals and lifestyle.

HCLF Raw Vegan: A Great Option in the Summer and If You Love Fruit

The HCLF raw vegan diet involves eating some vegetables, but mostly fruit. That is because most raw vegetables have so few calories that it would be impossible to eat enough to fuel your body without eating a lot of fruit, as well. Eating only fruits and vegetables is healthy, but, when eating a fully raw diet, there can be some challenges.

First, you must eat a lot of food to meet your daily caloric goals, and while that sounds like a major benefit at first, some people simply get tired of feeling like they have to eat fruit all day long to meet their calorie requirements.

However, spring and summer are the perfect seasons to start a HCLF raw vegan diet, because many types of fresh fruit are in season, leading to the ability to eat a more varied diet and eat it more affordably due to produce prices lowering when fruits are in season.

So, if you have always wanted to try a fully raw diet, then now is the perfect time!

HCLF Starch-Based Diet: Easier to Follow in the Winter and Better if You Enjoy Hot Food

Another diet that is currently building popularity is a starch-based HCLF diet. These diets are often based on the teachings of Dr. McDougall and his book The Starch Solution, although he is not the only doctor who thinks that eating a diet mainly of starches is the healthiest way to eat. Many people kick-start their HCLF starch-based diets with the Potato Cleanse to lose more weight quickly, the switch to a more varied high-starch diet after they lose a few pounds.

The benefits of the starch-based HCLF diet over the raw vegan HCLF diet include more affordable food (potatoes and sweet potatoes are very affordable), and the ability to enjoy hot food that you may need to eat to feel like you ate a “real meal.” If you eat higher calorie starches, then you also don’t have to worry quite so much about having to eat all day long to meet your calorie requirements. Don’t think you won’t lose weight though, because potatoes are very filling and you may find yourself actually not eating your full plate of a potato dish just because a small portion filled you up so much.

The truth is that either HCLF diet is very healthy and will likely lead to weight loss and better health. In the end, the one that you enjoy and can afford is the one that you will stick to long-term. But, there is no harm in eating a mixed raw fruit/starch diet, and many people find they can have the best of both worlds when they eat a mixture of raw fruits and veggies and starches, as long as they keep their fat intake low. Do you plan to try one of these HCLF diets soon?

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