Green cabbage health benefits: celebrate health and luck on St. Patrick’s Day (and every day)


St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and that means many folks will be celebrating the tradition with green beer and processed nastiness to which we say, “yuck!” Or worse, but we aim to keep our posts away from words like that, even if certain people’s dietary choices make us want to clobber them with a cucumber 🙂

By now we know we can enjoy life and its many festivities without partaking in a gluttonous, unhealthy food fest of Jabba the Hut proportions. Like, for example, enjoying green cabbage.

It’s one of the quintessential St. Patrick’s day foods, perfect for health-minded people like us. Plus, it even carries some good luck history with it. Folate and fortune? Win-win!

Green cabbage and its health benefits

Green cabbage contains vitamin A, which is great for our skin, skeletal system and teeth. Plus, it’s also a good vitamin C source which does wonders when it comes to healing cuts and wounds as well as building healthy bones and teeth. Green cabbage is also high in folate, which can help with depression, insomnia and restless leg syndrome while also contributing to overall cell production and nervous system support.

By now we bet lots of you are saying, “yeah, but what about red cabbage?” Of course. When it comes to vitamins and minerals, red cabbage trumps green (for example, it contains more than six times the daily value of vitamin A than green and delivers 3% of the daily value of iron compared to the 2% in green). It also has anthocyanins, which green does not, which is said to play a role in fighting cancer and improving memory. However, this doesn’t mean green cabbage should be dismissed. In fact, according to The World’s Healthiest Foods site, compared to red cabbage, “greens have substantially more folate.” It’s still an extremely healthy vegetable and hey, we’re having a bit of fun here trying to keep it all in line with the green St. Patrick’s Day theme! Still, if you can’t resist, here’s more info about the red variety.

So, back to St. Patrick’s Day . . .

Get lucky (ier?) with cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day

OK, so perhaps that heading could come off semi-inappropriate (some will chuckle, others will engage in a “tsk tsk”) but according to traditions through the years, it’s true. Greens like kale and cabbage are often included as part of “good luck” meals (common for New Year’s meals too) because their folded and wrinkly appearance resembles money. Those who eat it are thought to encounter more financial successes that those who don’t.

Sounds good to me. Still, I’m covering all the bases: I’ll take a lottery ticket with that head of cabbage, please 🙂

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day!

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