Foods and Spices That Lower Blood Pressure Immediately (Part 1)



If you just found out that your blood pressure is getting a little high, then now is the perfect time to start eating foods and spices that lower blood pressure. If you have had high blood pressure for a while, then along with losing a bit of weight (only if you are overweight) and taking steps to manage your stress in a healthy way, eating foods and spices that lower your blood pressure naturally is the best way to be able to reduce your blood pressure to a level where you don’t need that medication (and its side effects) any longer. In part 1, we are going to focus on spices. Here are the top spices to lower your blood pressure that you can begin adding to your diet TODAY!

Top Spices that Lower Blood Pressure

The great thing about spices that lower your blood pressure is that they can also help you decrease your salt and sodium intake. Losing the salt shaker along with the flavor it adds to foods can be difficult when you don’t have a game plan for adding flavor to them without adding sodium. Add these spices to your food instead of salt, and you can “kill two birds with one stone” as they say.

1. Basil Lowers Blood Pressure Immediately After Eating

Basil has been shown in studies to immediately lower your blood pressure after eating it, and it great for those moments when you are stressed out and you can feel that blood pumping through your body. Its effects are short-lived when it comes to blood pressure, but have it on hand and shake it onto a small snack after a stressful event.

Even better, to take advantage of the power of fresh basil, make a batch of Caprese salad, which is very easy to make and contains tomato slices, fresh basil, and optional mozzarella cheese, every few days and keep it in the fridge to grab a bite of when you are feeling stressed. As an added bonus, tomatoes have also been shown to help reduce blood pressure!

2. Ginger Battles High Blood Pressure in a Tasty Way

Fresh ginger is very flavorful and just a little packs a large punch. Unlike basil, its blood pressure lowering effects are not short-lived, and it is a great spice to include in your diet every day to lower your blood pressure. One great aspect of ginger is that it tastes great in savory dishes as well as sweet ones, so it is easy to include in your diet no matter what your favorite foods are.

Add fresh ginger to healthy stir-fries, include some in your morning smoothie. In addition, you can often find organic ginger candies (yum!) online made to combat nausea. Just be sure to check the ingredients and ensure that real ginger is in them and not artificial flavors.

3. Garlic Lowers Blood Pressure and Protects Your Heart

Yes, garlic always ends up on lists of foods that fights all types of illnesses, and that is because it is truly great for your health. Garlic contains a hefty dose of allicin, and this component is what gives it many of its medicinal qualities. It is especially effective at lowering systolic blood pressure, which is the top number on your blood pressure reading, but it helps reduce diastolic blood pressure as well.

As an added bonus, garlic is also great for your heart, and high blood pressure increases the chance of heart attacks and other heart problems. It is best to eat fresh garlic, but if you must cook it or use powder, you will still get some of the benefits.

It is easier to include fresh garlic in your diet than you may think. Just think of those favorite foods you put garlic in, like tomato sauce, stir-fries, and salads, and instead of cooking the garlic as instructed, just wait to add crushed garlic until after the dish is has already been cooked.

Start adding these spices that lower blood pressure to your diet today, and along with takings steps to manage your stress in a healthy way and working toward a healthy weight, you can take control of your health, so you don’t have to take blood pressure medications for the rest of your life.

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