Food temptation: should we give in to our cravings?


When one woman felt conflicted about wanting to eat a donut even though she had been enjoying the health benefits of a raw food diet, she turned to Esther Hicks. We’ve mentioned Esther in a few of our posts now. She’s the one delivering powerful words and insights as they are conveyed from the inspirational source, Abraham Hicks.

Often focusing on the power of positive thoughts and deliberate thinking to drive desired outcomes, she helps others work through their personal struggles, health or otherwise.

The donut-craving woman explained her food temptation by rattling off a series of frustrations she often felt while eating raw. From finding organic foods to knowing the intricacies of the pesticide world and everything in between, she wasn’t always sure she was on the right track . . . or ever would be. Sound familiar? The news changes almost constantly: eat this, don’t eat that, consider this option, do away with this idea.

The importance of making peace with the foods we choose to eat

Such a barrage of thoughts is what Esther refers to as getting caught up “in a wad of resistance.” She explains that this happens when we try to guide our life by orchestrating our own behavior as well as those around us, from our friends and family to the farmers and the government. Raw is good, raw is bad. Raw is silly, raw is wonderful.

Raw food myths surround us, but Esther says that we must make decisions by how we, not anyone else, feel about what we are eating. When we allow our body and mind to make peace with how we choose to eat, we can obtain from it the outcome (in this case, the proper nutrition) that is best for us.

Just as she’s explained about foods in other instances including how our thoughts can drive our food choices, once again she tells us to stop driving ourselves crazy! Yes, she really phrases it that way. Stop driving yourself crazy and stop trying to align your decisions with what the rest of the world (i.e. the next health guru) is saying is right for you and instead, take it upon yourself to do what’s best for you!

So, is she saying to have that donut? Technically she didn’t say so in this video, which you can watch here.

But we bet you anything that the woman seeking advice from Esther indulged in a little chocolate glazed number once the Abraham Hicks seminar was over 🙂

What are your thoughts? Is it ok to indulge (everything in moderation) or does occasionally breaking away from a dietary choice render the way of life ineffective, putting us back at square one?

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