Are Emulsifiers in Processed Foods Making Everyone Fat and Full of Inflammation? Studies Say Yes!



If you eat a healthy diet, then you likely know that you should limit processed foods in your eating plan and stick to whole, natural foods. However, you may not have heard about the new study that shows just why eating processed foods, even in small portions, can lead to obesity. Read on to find out why processed foods are bad for your health and the new discovery that may lead to you never touching a packaged food again.

Long-known Reasons to Avoid Processed Foods

The list of reasons processed foods are so unhealthy was already long before the new discovery was even made. To sum up why these foods are so bad, you have to take a look at how processed breads, cookies, and crackers are often produced.

Once-healthy, vitamin- and nutrition- packed grains are stripped of their natural hulls, ground up, and bleached. This is done to make them look more appealing and remove their natural flavors so they don’t interact with the artificial flavors added later.

Then, these grains are combined with a variety of unhealthy oils, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, preservatives, and texture-enhancers to create nutrition-less fat- and calorie- bombs that people enjoy eating due to the body’s natural tendency to seek out calorie- and fat-filled foods (Food manufactures often add vitamin and mineral powders to the products and cheap sources of fiber, such as inulin, to dress up the nutrition labels and fool people into thinking these foods have some nutritional value).

New Discoveries on How Emulsifiers in Processed Foods Disrupt Good Gut Bacteria

Even with the long list of reasons processed foods are so unhealthy, even a typically healthy eater can be tricked into thinking they can enjoy them on occasion as a “special treat,” since many of these foods do still tickle our taste-buds. However, with the new research on how they affect your gut microbiota, you may want to never touch them again, and it would be wise not to.

Recent studies have revealed that the common emulsifiers used in processed foods to improve their textures alter a person’s gut microbiota after they consume them.

Why is this bad? When you eat only healthy, whole foods, the bacteria in your intestines and colon maintain a healthy balance that is important for virtually every aspect of your health, and that includes maintaining a healthy weight.

When you eat processed foods with artificial emulsifiers, including polysorbate-80, carboxymethylcellulose, or one of many others, it disrupts the healthy bacterial balance in your digestive system, leading to an inflamed gut. This inflammation not only triggers inflammatory disease, but also metabolic syndrome that leads to obesity.

Since there are so many emulsifiers used in processed foods today, it is best to avoid these foods completely if you want to stay in good health and maintain a healthy weight. Eat only whole, natural foods to make sure you are keeping your gut bacteria in good balance to promote a healthy body and mind.

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