Why eat natural foods?


The key to a healthy life, according to Esther Hicks of the inspirational mind and body duo Abraham-Hicks, is to eat natural foods. While that’s no surprise to us at Raw and Natural Health, it’s the simplicity behind her explanations that gets our attention.

Hicks explains that our bodies naturally crave healthy foods and that our tendency to eat them (or to choose not to) depends on our ability to let our head rule over our palate. In other words, the answer to “why eat natural foods?” is to be aware of the foods that keep us as healthy as possible instead of hastily giving in to that hot fudge sundae. Chia seeds over Cheetos, in essence.

Her explanation is intriguing. When asked what the absolutely natural physical body would eat, that is, the body that knows nothing of outside factors like the lure of a fresh-baked batch of donuts or the taste of Twinkies, it’s simple. When motivated by this “non-physical knowledge and intent” as she says, it would just crave natural things.

No processed foods, no preservatives, no GMOs

No processed foods, no preservatives, no GMOs. Hicks explains that introducing our body to non-natural substances puts it in overcompensation mode. In this mode, it acclimates to the new substances, but that’s not a good thing. Such acclimation makes the body work harder and leads to cravings, which starts the vicious cycle that makes it difficult for many to resist ordering another pound of head cheese (don’t ask. Yes, it exists).

Ah. But this is a world filled with ads featuring fun-loving folks who seem to get their energy (or a promotion, or find their true love) by consuming a triple-stacked cheeseburger. Junk food advertising, in fact, is a billion dollar industry. The health organization Food & Water Watch gathered data that revealed shocking details: children are exposed to about 5,000 TV food ads every year. Add another 1,000 for teenagers.

Flash forward to adulthood. Many people socialize over mozzarella sticks and margaritas . . . whether in reality after work or by watching it on sitcoms (anyone ever see those cereals lined up on Seinfeld’s apartment shelf back in the day? And what’s with the excessive drinking on How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men and . . . But I digress . . .)

6 simple ways to incorporate more natural foods into your life

So, how can we heed Hicks’ advice?

1) Esther Hicks suggests treating our body’s cells the way we do our car. We don’t fuel our cars with bad things like sugar or dirt, but instead give it fuel that’s in harmony with the engine. So … give ourselves fuel that’s in synch with our body’s pure eating inclination, which is to enjoy natural foods. Listen to this video (embedded below) to hear her talk more about this subject.

2) Choose fresh, organic foods whenever possible. In a two-year study at Washington State University, organic fruits were shown to not only have higher levels of vitamins, but also tasted better and had a longer shelf life than commercially-grown ones.

3) Take a tip from U.K.-based Action on Junk Food Marketing and campaign to have junk food commercials banned from appearing during prime family time viewing. If that’s too much “rah rah” for your liking, just keep on staying mindful of the benefits eating natural foods versus the harms of eating otherwise.

OR.. even better… just support TV programs (like PBS) that don’t have the commercials.

4) Consume a variety of healthy foods that include a range of colors, textures (think: cruciferous) and nutrients. Raw nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables and so on.

5) Shop at local farmers markets when possible. Not only does this support the economy on a local level, but it means eating significantly healthier foods. A Nutrition.gov video outlines the many benefits of purchasing locally-grown foods, honing in on the fact that they are picked at their peak level of freshness to ensure they are at their best. Also be sure to check out roadside stands.

6) Appreciate your body and acknowledge that it’s deserving of high-quality foods. Hmmm. Works for people too. Get in touch with high-quality people that are just as good for you.

Surround yourself with pure and natural goodness that you deserve!

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