Easy, Healthy Raw Chocolate Peanut-butter Candy Recipe That Can Help You Lose Weight!


Typically, the words “candy” and “weight loss” would not be included in the same sentence unless the words “eat less” or “don’t eat” are also in it. However, when candy is made with the right raw ingredients, it cannot only be nutritious, but truly aid you on your weigh-loss journey.

Before we get to the recipe, let’s take a look at the ingredients in this super-easy raw chocolate candy recipe and see what makes the candies healthy (even though they don’t taste like it!) and can even help you lose weight when you include it in your diet:

Coconut oil. You may have heard that coconut oil was healthy, but took a look at the label and found it contains just as many calories and as much fat as any other oil. The truth is that it does, but the type of fat it contains is unique and should not be confused with unhealthy types of fats, such as trans-fats.

This healthy oil contains fats that are considered medium-chain triglycerides unlike other types of saturated fat that are called long-chain triglycerides. Do you notice a burst of energy after eating coconut or coconut oil? That is because this type of fat is able to travel right to your liver after eating it, where it immediately turns into energy instead of being stored on your belly or hips.

When you eat candy made from coconut oil, it is actually great to eat it mid-day or even after breakfast (gasp!), since eating it late at night before trying to sleep can lead to insomnia from all of the energy it gives you!

One healthy fat in coconut oil is called lauric acid, and along with a variety of other health benefits, it is also a potent, natural appetite suppressant.

Raw Cocoa Powder. Raw cocoa powder itself has very, very few calories. The reason chocolate gets a bad rap is due to the unhealthy forms of fats, sugars, emulsifiers, and preservatives in “junk food” candy bars you see lining your supermarket shelves.

Raw cocoa power has a huge array of nutritional benefits and is packed with antioxidants, so eat as much as you want, as long as you don’t mix it with unhealthy additives.

Nut Butter. You can make the candy recipe with any type of raw nut butter you like. Raw nuts are very healthy, and contain healthy fats, protein, and fewer calories than roasted nuts. There have also been studies showing that eating nut butters keep you satisfied for a long period of time, which can help keep you from snacking on unhealthy foods later in the day.

Easy, 5-Minute Raw Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy Recipe

  • One-quarter cup Coconut oil
  • 2 T. Raw Cocoa Powder
  • Raw nut butter of your choice
  • Stevia or any natural sweetener of your choice to taste

Mix coconut oil (at room temperature, so it is liquid) with cocoa powder. Add desired sweetener and mix. Pour half of this mixture into a few sections of an ice cube tray. Freeze for 20 minutes, then top each portion of coconut oil/cocoa mixture with a little nut butter. Then, top with the rest of the chocolate mixture, and freeze again until firm (about an hour should do it).

When completely frozen, you can take the candies out and place them in a freezer bag, but be sure to store them in the freezer until you eat them. Pop one out when you need a healthy, delicious treat that will give you a boost of energy and help tide you over well until your next meal!

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