The Dukan Diet Attack Phase: Why You Can Skip It Without Affecting Your Weight Loss



The Dukan Diet has recently experienced a surge in popularity. It is a low-carb diet that involves many phases, and the Attack Phase is first, and strictest, phase. If you are determined to follow this diet and know the hazards of low-carb diets, then read on to learn why you should skip the Dukan Diet attack phase and why skipping it will not lead to losing less weight.

What Foods Are Allowed on the Dukan Diet Attack Phase?

There are many detailed write-ups of each Dukan Diet phase elsewhere, but to sum it up, the Attack Phase of the diet involves eating mostly pure protein, like lean meats. Unfortunately, unlike other low-carbohydrate diets that already limit food intake greatly, no low-carb vegetables or fruits are allowed during this phase. That means vitamin and nutrient intake during the Attack Phase will be very, very low.

In addition, a small serving of oat bran that is a daily diet requirement, likely to prevent constipation and due to the appetite suppressant effect of beta-glucan in oats.

Why Can’t You Eat Vegetables on the Dukan Diet Attack Phase?

Anyone can speculate why vegetables are not allowed during the Dukan Diet Attack Phase, but it is likely just a psychological trick – foods are so limited during the first diet phase that the later phases feel more rewarding and seem to have the food variety they are severely lacking. Or it could be just one of many Dukan diet rules that aim to set it apart from other low-carb diets, like Atkins.

Will You Lose as Much Weight when Skipping the Attack Phase?

Just like when starting any low-carb diet, you will lose water weight in the beginning of the Dukan Diet, whether you start with the attack phase or the cruise phase. Why? For every gram of carbohydrate consumed by a healthy person, the body also stores several grams of water. Eliminate carbohydrates completely from your diet, and your body will get rid of a lot of water –but when you add them back to your diet, that water weight will immediately return.

Will eliminating low-carb fruits and veggies help you lose more weight? No. Low-carb vegetables and fruits contain fewer calories gram per gram than even the lean meat allowed during this phase, so you will not lose less weight when skipping the Attack Phase. In fact, eating low-carb fruits and veggies won’t even affect how much water weight you lose. What they will do is provide your body with necessary nutrients to limit the damage the diet can put on your body.

In the end, there is no reason to eliminate fruits and vegetables from your diet completely, even when following a low-carb eating plan. So if you are determined to follow the Dukan diet (although there are healthier ways to lose weight), then skip the attack phase.

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