CRF Frozen Foods Recall Details & Listeria Facts and Symptoms



If you have eaten packaged fruits or vegetables in the past few months, then you may be concerned about the recent recall of products manufactured and/or packaged by CRF Frozen Foods. Learn all about the recall here, listeria facts, and listeria symptoms.

CRF Frozen Foods Recall Facts

The products the company named CRF Frozen Foods create are not sold under that name, but they are instead the base manufacturing facility for 42 separate private brands. You can find the full list of brand and specific products recalled here.

These products are sold in the entire US and in many Canadian Provinces. Most products were voluntarily recalled, but some were recalled due to actual listeria found by health inspectors.

The CRF Products That Tested Positive for Listeria

While the new recall includes many products that were not tested for the bacteria, some products were found to have listeria bacteria on specific batches tested at their Ohio facility.

These products include: Individually Quick Frozen Organic Petite Green Peas and IQF Organic White Sweet Cut Corn.

However, this does not mean you definitely consumed or will come down with a listeria infection if you ate these products, but it means that may be a higher potential that you did consume listeria if you ate these specific foods.

What You Need to Know About Listeria

The good news is that not every person who eats a product contaminated with listeria monocytogenes (which is the only one of six listeria strains that can cause illness) will develop an infection, just like not everyone exposed to the cold virus will develop a cold (although listeria is bacteria and not a virus). Other good news is that the bacteria cannot be passed from person to person, and it is believed that a lot of the bacteria must be consumed before it will cause illness.

However, keep an extra close eye on how you feel, and if you notice the following symptoms, visit your doctor.

Listeria Symptoms

You can read a good overview of listeria symptoms here, and take note that some people develop them soon after exposure to the bacteria, but others experience “late-onset” symptoms, which can occur up to 70 days after consuming the contaminated food. Yes, that means you stay very aware of your body for over two months before you can feel “in the clear” about your health.

Listeria can hit pregnant women the hardest, along with anyone with a compromised immune system (due to illness or immune-suppressing medications), and of course, babies. So, if you fall into any of those groups, keep a close eye on how you feel from day-to-day and visit your doctor as soon as you notice any signs of illness. Since stool samples often don’t detect the bacteria, request a blood test, which is more accurate.

What to Do if You Feel Fine Now Or Your Doctor Says You are Okay

If you feel secure that you don’t have a listeria infection or have visited a doctor and they don’t suspect cause for concern, then it is still good to take steps to amp up your immune system and help your body fight any unwanted bacteria that you may have encountered or worry you will encounter in the future.

Tips for building a healthy immune system that can combat bad bacteria include:

  • Eat probiotic-rich foods to help your good gut bacteria overwhelm any bad bacteria.
  • Eat lots of fresh garlic for its potent natural antibiotic effects.
  • Increase your intake of foods packed with vitamin C.
  • Eat these other ten foods with natural antibiotic properties.

Important note: Remember this list is not a substitute for antibiotics if you have been diagnosed listeria and not a substitute for a doctor’s exam if you suspect you have the illness.

Now you know all about the CRF Frozen Foods recall, listeria symptoms, and listeria facts. If this is the first you have heard of this, then don’t panic. Just keep an eye on how you feel day to day and visit your doctor if you notice symptoms of an infection.

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