3 Tips for Staying Cavity-free when Eating a Raw Food Diet



One of the most common complaints of people who begin a raw food diet is the worsening of existing cavities in their teeth or new ones forming. However, you can eat a raw food diet and stay cavity-free when you learn why some people get cavities when eating raw and follow these easy guidelines to keeping your teeth healthy when eating raw!

Why Some People Get Cavities on a Raw Diet and Others Do Not

First, realize that some people are more prone to getting cavities no matter what they eat. It is a little known fact that cavity-causing bacteria are contagious, and if your mother had frequent cavities and shared utensils with you as a child or gave you lots of big, juicy wet kisses, she likely passed this bacteria onto you when you were just a small child. (This wasn’t known when you were a child, so don’t get angry with her!).

On a raw food diet, many people don’t just change the foods they eat, but also their eating schedule. Instead of eating three meals a day and brushing after at least two of them, they often munch on fruit all day long. While the natural sugar in fruit is healthy for your body, it does feed the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouth. Some fruit is also acidic, and acid can wear away your tooth enamel.

So, do you have to stop eating fruit to prevent cavities? Not at all! Follow these tips and you can prevent cavities when eating raw.

How to Eat a Raw Food Diet Without Getting Cavities

1. Rinse your mouth with a pH neutralizer after every meal or snack.

Cavity bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. That means keeping your mouth at a high pH can keep cavities away no matter what you eat. After a meal or snack that contains any sugar or acid, be sure to rinse your mouth with either a store-bought pH neutralizing mouth rinse or a homemade mouth rinse.

To make your own pH neutralizing mouth rinse just combine one cup of water with one teaspoon of baking soda. Rinse with the solution after every snack or meal you eat that contains fruit.

You can double or triple the recipe and keep it in your refrigerator for up to three or four days.

2. Know when to skip brushing your teeth.

Don’t be tempted to brush your teeth after every fruit mini-meal or snack you eat. Brushing within one hour of eating acidic foods will grind the acid further into your teeth and wear away your enamel. Brush just three times every day, and make sure to wait at least one hour after eating fruit to brush.

3. Know what to eat when you don’t have your pH neutralizer handy.

If you often eat a snack on-the-run when you simply won’t be able to rinse afterward, then the healthiest raw snacks for your teeth are raw nuts, vegetables, and pretty much anything other than fruit or sweet gourmet raw foods. If you must have that fruit on the run, then following it with a few raw nuts can help to naturally remove the sugar from your teeth and lower your mouth pH.

You can eat a raw food diet filled with healthy fruit without getting cavities when you follow these tips!

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