Is Using BPA-free Plastic Making You Fat? Shocking Study Reveals That No Plastic is Healthy



In an effort to make the plastic we use during food preparation and storage healthier, many manufacturers are replacing the BPA in plastics with a different chemical called Bisphenol-S. Unfortunately, this chemical was determined years ago to be just as harmful to your health as BPA, but recent studies reveal that on top of other health risks, Bisphenol-S triggers your body to produce new fat cells. Read on to learn more about this and how to limit damage to your health caused by all plastics.

Why Bisphenol-S Was Added To Plastics and Why It is Just as Harmful to Your Health

Since plastic manufacturers had to replace it something to give plastic its shape and form, many chose Bisphenol-S and officially declared their plastic BPA-free, which gave the public the perception that it was safer (the manufacturers likely thought it was healthier, too.)

Studies have now revealed that Bisphenol-S poses the same hazards as BPA, as both are potent endocrine disruptors. Even if you new that this new plastic chemical was unsafe, it still may shock you that a recent study revealed that Bisphenol-S may trigger new fat cell formation in people who are exposed to it.

Did you know that adults cannot make new fat cells naturally? Fat cells are only created when a person is a baby and young child. Once natural child growth is completed, adults cannot grow new fat cells, but their bodies can only replace those that die off. Adults can still lose and gain weight, but it is only due to the expansion and contraction of their fat cells. This fact shows just how much this BPA replacement alters normal human body function in a very negative way.

How to Find out if Your Kitchen Gadgets Contain Bisphenol-S

You are likely sitting right now wondering if Bisphenol-S is in your BPA-free plastic food preparation and storage items. You can try to contact the manufacturers to get this answer, but realize that plastic will always pose a hazard to your health, whether it contains BPA or Bisphenol-S.

Plastic has never been truly safe for your health and likely never will be, whether a new replacement is found for these chemicals or not. This makes the best way to protect your health is to limit your exposure to plastic as much as possible, when you can.

Tips to Stay Healthy in a Plastic-filled World

Begin a mission to replace all plastic items in your home with healthier alternatives. First, replace any small kitchen items, such as cups, storage containers, plastic bags, etc. with plastic-free materials. Safe materials include glass, stainless steel, ceramic, and wood.

Also, remember that body lotions, cleansers, and sunscreens are often sold in plastic containers, and you put the contents on the largest organ of your body. Being non-food items, they are also often stored in hot facilities and shipped in the backs of hot trucks. This heat can cause the chemicals in the plastics to leach into the items even more.

Switch from body washes and face cleansers to bar soaps sold in only cardboard containers. Replace your other toiletries stored in plastic containers with those sold in glass bottles. Health food stores are the best places to find these items stored in glass.

But what about those pricey blenders and food processors? If you invested in expensive kitchen equipment, such as pricey blenders and food processors to mix up healthy smoothies and raw gourmet items, this news may hit you especially hard. First, make sure to only place cold items in those gadgets, because heat causes more toxic chemicals to leach from plastics.

Then, look into a glass or stainless steel pitcher for your blender and use that plastic food processor sparingly. Remember, foods exposed to plastic for short periods of time will not be as hazardous as those stored in them for longer time periods.

The news that the BPA replacement, Bisphenol-S, triggers fat cell production is shocking. However, plastics have never been good for your health, so use this news as inspiration to rid your kitchen and life of plastic as much as you can to save your health.

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