2 Countries with the Highest Cancer Rates and What We Can Learn from Their Diets



With the growing research into how the foods we eat can lower or raise our risks for developing cancer, it is interesting to take a look at the countries with the highest cancer rates and what they eat. Of course, no two people in any country eat the exact same foods every day, but there are general dietary trends we can look into. Read on to find out which countries have the highest cancer rates and what we can learn from their diets.

1. Denmark

Denmark is currently number-one cancer-laden country in the world. What do they eat?

A typical daily breakfast in Denmark is a bowl of cereal topped with dairy milk or bread topped with cream cheese and/or plenty of butter.

Lunch is often eaten on-the-go during breaks from work and school, and cold cut sandwiches are especially popular lunch foods.

Dinner typically consists of a meat main dish, with breaded fried pork being especially common, and a side dish of potatoes. Other popular foods in Denmark are roast beef, liver pate, various types of cheese, and pastries.

2. France

France currently holds the number-two spot on the list of countries with highest cancer rates. What do the French eat in a typical day?

A typical day in France begins with a breakfast of croissants or white baguettes with butter and/or jam.

The French often often dine-out for lunch to get away from the office and eat a baguette sandwich filled with ham and butter or an omelet. The French are often offered the unique perk of having employers who cover part of their lunch costs at local casual restaurants, so most take advantage of it.

A French dinner is typically a lavish, multi-course meal that starts with a cheese platter. Typical dinner main dishes in France are duck, beef, or pork. While the French do eat some vegetables, they are typically small portions or used to garnish their meat.

What Can You Learn from the Eating Habits of These Two Cancer-laden Countries?

Unfortunately, Australia comes in at number 3 on the list and the US comes in at number 6, so neither of the diets are vastly different from what many Americans and Australians eat. That means that what they are doing wrong, you may be too, so learn why the foods they are eating could be putting their heath and lives at risk.

What Foods Do They Eat Too Much Of?

Both the common diets in Denmark and France are very high in milk, cheese, butter, and many studies link high diary consumption to increased risk of many types of cancer.

Processed white breads are very common in both countries, as well as processed cereal in the Danish diet. Processed foods are filled with unhealthy additives.

Beef and pork are also on both menus frequently, and among meats, beef is the unhealthiest and contains the most saturated fat. Both meats are also filled with hormones and antibiotics, and the fact that the Danish often bread their pork and fry it makes it even worse, because when food is fried, many carcinogens are created.

What Foods Do Their Diets Lack?

Healthy vegetables and fruits are severely lacking in the standard diets of both countries. There are so many disease-fighting antioxidants in fruits and veggies that both populations could benefit from.

Also, both populations would benefit from switching from those processed breads and cereals to healthy whole grains and starchy vegetables.

In addition, typical meals in both countries are relatively bland, just as in the US, which means they are lacking the disease-fighting spices that are often filled with even more antioxidants than healthy produce.

The foods eaten in the two countries with the highest rates of cancer today are similar to the SAD, or Standard American Diet. Use these statistics to improve your eating habits to stay healthy and reduce your risk of developing cancer.

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