New Study Links Cancer to Low Vitamin D Levels: Can Daily Sun Exposure Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer?



Talking about soaking in some good, all-natural sunshine is always controversial due to the never-ending warnings from dermatologists that sunshine=skin cancer. However, the detrimental effects of low vitamin D levels in a nation that has been told to wear sunscreen anytime they are out in the sun are becoming exposed one-by-one. Read on to find out about the new study that reveals that getting enough vitamin D prevents most types of cancer and why taking vitamin D supplements are not as effective as getting some natural sunshine daily.

New Study Shows High Blood Levels of Vitamin D Can Prevent Cancer

Along with all of the detrimental effects of low vitamin D levels already covered in a past post you can read by clicking here, a fresh new study reveals that low blood levels vitamin D in the body are now being linked to all types of cancer, other than skin cancer, which they purposely exclude from the study. They actually found that people with low vitamin D levels experienced all types of cancer 67 percent more than those with high vitamin D levels.

Why did they exclude skin cancer from a the study? The study didn’t find that there wasn’t a link between low vitamin D levels and skin cancer, but they purposely just didn’t evaluate it at all. There could be many reasons, but could it have been because they wanted to avoid the controversy that would result if the study proved that getting sunshine actually prevented many types of skin cancers?

The truth is that while more and more people have been slathering themselves with sunscreen daily to avoid allowing their skin to be exposed to any sun, skin cancer rates have continued to skyrocket in the United States. Your body cannot produce natural Vitamin D when your skin is covered in sunscreen, like it can when your bare skin is exposed to the sun. Is widespread sunscreen use actually causing skin cancer rates to rise as well as all other types of cancer? Something to think about.

Why Vitamin D Supplements Cannot Replace the Sun for Health

Vitamin D supplements have always been advised for people who are suffering the detrimental health consequences of not getting enough sun, but recent studies show that supplemental Vitamin D may not be as helpful as thought and may even cause more health problems.

In fact, many health professionals today advise people to get more natural sunlight for health, but the only group of medical professionals who advise against it are dermatologists.

How Much Sunlight is Safe and Effective for Health Benefits?

You don’t want to begin basking in the sun for hours daily to prevent cancer. In fact, once you develop a tan, your body actually creates less vitamin D than when your untanned skin is exposed to the sun.

Most health professionals advise that 20 to 30 minutes of skin exposure to natural sunlight is safe, unless you burn quickly and need to limit it to just 15 to 20 minutes. The goal is to get just enough natural sun that you don’t tan, and some skin types tan quickly and some more slowly. If you have been covering up head-to-toe in sunscreen for years, then it may take some experimentation to figure out your personal delicate balance.

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