Does pine pollen increase testosterone?


In a past interview between Matt Monarch and “Health Motivator and Longevity Strategist” Daniel Vitalis, the topic of pine pollen was discussed.

Pine Pollen is being widely used through Asia, namely China and Korea, and has been used there for thousands of years. More specifically, what seems to have Daniel and Matt excited most about this “magical super food” is the effects it has on hormonal balancing. In its wild state, Daniel claims this potent pollen is at the root of many drugs supplied by pharmacies to aid in low testosterone levels.

During the interview, the two liken the effects of pine pollen to the effects of sperm.. saying that pine pollen is to the forested world what sperm is to humans.

And apparently, even the animals will feed on the pollen to help them with their nutrition and androgen, fuelling growth. One of the scientific claims on this product is that inside this powerful food lives superoxide dismutase, which is an extremely strong anti-oxidant, so powerful it is said to increase glutathione levels. This element is key in helping to break down and remove environmental and pollutant-ridden toxins.

Other claimed benefits include restoring hormone levels, stronger libido (as a result of the higher testosterone claims), skin rejuvenation, improved immune system, and many anti-aging properties, to name just a few.

Pine Pollen can be taken without difficulty, easily mixed into drinks, either with a powder, or tincture (an alcoholic extract). According to Daniel, the tinctures are even more potent than the powders, using an organic grape alcohol in combination with pine pollen extract.

In the interview, Daniel and Matt impress that this product is not super expensive and will last a very long time, as the potency is such that it does not require huge amounts to maximize it’s benefits.

There’s no doubt that these two “food dudes” are enthusiastic food debaters, and while they may be slightly biased 😉 both are also enthusiastic consumers of this ancient superfood.

If you don’t have access to a pine tree to harvest your own, you can get a long-lasting canister for less than $30 on Amazon through this affiliate link. Look for the brand by Surthrival.

You can also get your hands on this free report which talks about other ways to boost testosterone naturally, including the consumption of raw pumpkin seeds!

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