All About Oats: This Grain Packs a Nutritional Punch & Contains a Natural Appetite Suppressant



If you don’t include oats in your daily diet, then you should consider adding them. Why? Rolled and steel-cut oats are filled with vitamins and minerals and help combat many health problems. It is a little-known fact that they can also help you lose weight or maintain your healthy weight due to a natural appetite suppressant they contain. Read on to find out just why oats are so healthy and how they can help curb your cravings for unhealthy foods.

What Makes Oats so Nutritious?

Organic rolled oats or steel-cut oats are both healthy grains that are filled with vitamins and minerals. Just one-half cup of either type of oats contains 8 grams of healthy fiber, 13 grams of protein, 40-percent of your daily RDA of thiamin, and 20-percent of your RDA of iron. Oats also contain plenty of folate, pantothenic acid, and 35-percent of your RDA of magnesium.

Eating oats every day can also help lower your blood pressure and keep your “bad” cholesterol level in-check. Just a small portion of oats is also very filling, and when topped with yogurt and a little fruit, makes a healthy, antioxidant- and probiotic-packed breakfast or dessert.

Oats also Suppress Your Appetite and Curb Unhealthy Food Cravings

Oats offer an additional advantage if you have a large appetite that you want to curb. All oats contain an abundant amount of a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This soluble fiber has an array of health benefits, since it is considered a prebiotic fiber that supports a healthy gut bacterial balance.

An added benefit of beta-glucan is that it is a potent natural appetite suppressant. Supplement manufacturers have even created beta-glucan supplements to market the appetite-suppressant effects of this fiber, but why take a supplement when oats have so much more to offer than just this fiber?

Steel-Cut vs Rolled Oats: Is one Healthier?

Many oat enthusiasts are avid believers that steel-cut oats are healthier than their rolled counter-pats. However, steel-cut and rolled oats contain the exact same vitamins and mineral contents, because they are both made from the same oat groat. When the groats are chopped into small pieces, it creates steel-cut oats, and when they are rolled under pressure, rolled oats are created. The main difference in the final product is the texture. Steel-cut oats take longer for your body to digest, which leads to them having a lower glycemic index.

In the end, both are healthy grains, and if you prefer the texture of rolled vs steel-cut oats, you aren’t losing out on the important nutrients that the oats still contain. However, avoid instant oatmeal, especially those little packets that contain so many additives. Always check the label of your oats and ensure there is only one ingredient and not a list filled with chemicals and preservatives.

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