Is carob powder good for you?


Us women love our chocolate don’t we!?

Heck, even men lust over chocolate, but it isn’t quite the same loving reaction as it is for women in most cases it seems.

Drop harmful chocolate, or replace it?

In a quest to cure herself from psoriasis my cousin decided to go on a raw vegan diet. Overnight!

Her logic was to drop all unhealthy foods and eat ONLY the things she knew would benefit her health, just until the skin issues disappeared. Then she would re-introduce foods one at a time testing her bodies reaction to each one on an empty stomach before including them back into her regular diet. That was the plan.

Well, one aspect of this plan that troubled her the most was not being able to go to the store and get her daily fix of Twix and Kit Kat bars. So, like many a struggling dieter does, she hid her chocolate habit with the rest of the world while she continued with her green smoothie, green juice, raw fruit diet.

She learned a great deal about the 100% raw food diet and rapid detox, including that it wasn’t for her! She lasted 3 days, or no days if you count the continued cloak and dagger consumption of chocolate.

Is dairy to blame for ill health?

But she also learned, based on personal research, that clinging to her dairy dessert chocolate fix may have been the very thing that contributed to her skin issue continuing to thrive.

She confessed what she considered a “failed attempt at healing” with a group of us one day at lunch. That’s when a mutual friend told her the following:

Try carob!

Carob is a healthy, dairy free alternative to chocolate!

Carob is a great source of fiber, is high in protein and phytonutrients. It is lower in fat, calories and caffeine than chocolate as well.

So, if your intention is to eliminate dairy and eliminate the ugly side of the chocolate love addiction, carob may be a good choice for you.

See, all is not lost!

How about some video recipes from some chocolate experts before you go?

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