Can eating crushed egg shells improve health?


Plenty of foods exist that can boost overall health and even heal certain conditions. Cruciferous veggies are known to help fight cancers, spices like turmeric combat inflammation and some nuts play a role in improving memory. The list goes on.

Then there are eggshells, known for their calcium content (one 1/2 teaspoon of crushed, powdered eggshells contain about 400 mgs. of elemental, or absorbable, calcium), a mineral responsible mainly for bone health.(1)

Wait . . . eggshells?

Normally, they’re tossed in the trash or put in the compost pile, but ingesting them is considered by many a healthy way to get more calcium in their diet while also keeping inflammation at bay.

Here’s how to make powdered eggshell calcium:

Simply collect organic eggshells, then boil them in water for about five minutes to remove any bacteria. Make sure the shells are fully submerged.

In the meantime, heat the oven to 200 degrees. Once the shells are boiled, place them on a cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes or until very crispy. While baking them fully ensures that bacteria are eradicated as best as possible, many opt to skip this step, content with the boiling process, so it’s up to the individual.

Finally, remove them from the oven, then grind them in a coffee grinder or another preferred method until they are finely ground into a powder-like form.

Health benefits of eating crushed egg shells

Eggshell membranes contain substances like glucosamine and hyaluronic acid which improve joint elasticity and shock absorption.(2) This makes them ideal for fighting off conditions that affect the joints, ensuring they are kept as fully-functioning as possible.

Eating eggshells has also been linked to quickly decreasing pain in those afflicted with joint problems and keeping that pain away as time goes on.(2) Read this article to learn more.

Mikhail Tombak, Ph.D., says that osteoporosis can even be treated by eating eggshells, explaining that calcium is 90 percent absorbable by people’s bones, and that interestingly, the makeup of eggshells is incredibly similar to our teeth and bones. (3) In fact, they’re so similar to teeth that they’ve even been suggested as a way to regrow and remineralize teeth rather than face dental treatments that may be costly and involve use of harmful metals (or both).(4)

Calcium powder made from organic eggshells can be added to meals including drinks, smoothies, or blended in with oats.

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    1. Go and read about using magnesium Chloride i tried this. It’s good. What i realised was that plain yogurt would be ideal, since i could not chew the dust from eggshell.

      I used a blender. Made very fine powder but it doesn’t melt..
      I just washed the shells sundry and blend.

    1. Chewing would leave sharp eggshell particles that can highly irritate your gastrointestinal lining. Even when you totally pulverize it by a high efficiency blender you can still feel the grittiness in the powder. Additionaly the more pulverized it is the easier it is for your stomach acid to dissolve it.

      1. I practise eating whole RAW egg one a month and it neveru caused me anything 🙂 but remember this: IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO EAT WHOLE EGG UNDER 5 MINS (it is possible but it may cost you half of your intestine like my mu :'( ) so you can do it but not under 5 mins just Chew chew chew 😉

  1. I pounded mine in a pestle and mortar and it was quite easy to eat ….I eat a lot of nuts and chia so am used to crunching – good point though that the smaller it is ground the easier for your body to absorb. I shall be doing this regularly.

    1. I bought empty vegetable capsules and filled them with it. Took me 10 minutes. Half a teaspoon was 3pills. I just take two.

    2. Be careful-calcium in pills can cause heart attacks.
      ALTERNATIVE: If you boil organic chicken bones for 6 hours then drain and drink the soup, the calcium from the bones is also HIGHLY ABSORBABLE.

      1. Absolutely! Too much calcium can cause a heart attack! Calcium makes the muscles contract. Also, if magnesium is not taken at equal to larger doses, calcium becomes hardened. Magnesium keeps it moving. Ever hear of hardened arteries? Same as calcified arteries…we get more than enough calcium by just eating regular normal food. One 6 oz serving of organic plain whole milk Greek yogurt has more than enough for a day. Sure calcium is in bones…along with 75 other minerals and trace minerals. We’ve been brainwashed by the dairy industry to believe we are all calcium deficient. Minerals should be supplemented at just the right balance…read these 2 books for the best info:
        The calcium lie
        Miracle magnesium
        They’re available on Amazon.

  2. I eat them in my omelet’s I separate the eggs and shell boil shells for 5 min I have a ninja blender after they boil I drain water off shells then mix eggs and shell in ninja blend off and on pause in between for about 30 seconds mix my eggs .vegetables. cheese you really don’t fill the shells to much at all any way it works for me.

  3. what if I don’t have an oven and I use stove to burn them for that minutes and the I grind them using any hard materials like bottle or any thing else can it work for me

  4. Proof is in the pudding. I have a chicken that lays soft shelled eggs. If I give her crushed eggshell in her diet then her shells return to normal. After a few days without it and they turn to soggy egg bags . The vet says she has an unformed she’ll gland.
    I pestle and mortar my eggshell after boiling. It’s made a big difference in my noisy/ painful knees.

  5. I was also thinking mixing in some organic apple cider vinegar could break the shell powder a bit more too. Not sure how long to leave it for though, anyone?
    I’ve been grinding up the organic egg shells for a year now, in making my dogs food. I’ve only recently read about us using this “free” supplement as well… and the studies coming out about the benifits of the shell membrane for joints.
    I hard boil my organic eggs, leaving to air dry only the shell, most of the membrane attached, that comes away cleanly from each egg. That way the cleaning process is done (and we can always use a few extra hard boiled eggs:)
    Leave them to dry for about 3-4 days, then grind in a spice grinder. Works well. I’ve not used it for myself yet, but I’m starting today with it soaking in the vinegar in a coffee mug, then will add boiling water and an herbal tea. I feel a bit like a lab rat:)

      1. Sorry, but you’re wrong there. As adults we should consume at least 1200mg a day and, by all accounts, can certainly consume up to 2000mg. ( please do your own research, it’s all there at the press of a few buttons!). The calcium from eggshells is natural and easily assimilated by the human body. Should it be calcium carbonate from rock then that’s different and not advisable. So, assuming there’s very little calcium from the rest of the diet, then 3-4 filled capsules (I use size 00, about 1/2 teaspoon) is absolutely fine.

  6. How often would you recommend eating the shells? I usually have tow boiled eggs in the morning. Would consuming 2 eggs shells a day be bad for you?

  7. I already boiled the eggs when I cooked them. I use organic eggs and I let the shells air dry for a couple of days before grinding. I was using this method to feed my plants but now want to try it for myself. Do I need to boil the eggs again before grinding them if the were hard boiled for 6 minutes? Will they lose anything from “over-boiling? Thanks!

  8. Farm factoid: Eggshell-fed hens produce strong-shelled eggs.
    Private farms have long practiced eggshell feed-back. When some of my quail laid softer shelled eggs I remembered this and fed them dried and crushed egg shells. Within two to three days their eggs were hard shelled again. Quick. Huh? I had read that producing eggs robs from the birds bones eventually. My experience supports this.

  9. Wouldn’t boiling the shells kill off any good living enzymes in them. Would it be better to crack the egg, wash throughly, blend and drink as part of shake? Don’t want to get sick but how dangerous would it be to skip the boiling process?

    1. I skip the boiling, I don’t think it is necessary, I just clean them well, let dry and then pulverize in blender. Been doing it for a while and never any issues on my end.

  10. excited to try…. been using egg shells for my plants for ever. Occasionally feed them to my hens, they do not need it bc eggshells are hard they are young!!! Use organic shells only.

    Interested in knowing: the person w/bad knees, how long till you saw changes?

    I noticed i am loosing my bones in last few year. Think its due to drinking filtered, & then reverse osmosis water for decades. It’s clean but its dead water. Takes toll on bones/teeth. Some people use mineral drops to remineralize. I did not like how it tasted or how it made stomach feel. Maybe try again with minerals?

    Anyone else feeling depleted with deionized water? Tap water is deadly…. so what to do, dilema? Expensive Plastic water is out too.

    Liked the making pill idea, done that w/many other yukky powders that were easily digestible …wondering if concentrated shells in pill form might be hard to digest? ….egg shells are really sharp, for sure i would eat with food or lots of liquid.

    The vinegar makes them completely soft, so can any one say more about that. Maybe put them in salad dressing vinegar would soften?
    Guess can experiment….yes we are all lab rats…

    A lot of questions….
    thanks for posting this in an easy format to leave an answer….

  11. What about just adding a boiled egg (with shell) to my breakfast smoothie? I have a Vitamix, so it should pulverize everything, without the need for doing extra steps? Thanks for providing the information.

  12. I have been having big nail issues with splitting, tearing and so soft. My friend told me about eating egg shells and after a week of eating 1 teaspoon of egg shells, I have gorgeous long hard nails. I take the shells in a shot glass with a yogurt smoothie, not bad at all.

    1. hi gina, do u boil and or bake the eggshells before eating it? how do u eat ur eggshells? on empty stomach before meals or mixed/sprinkled on in food? or in a smoothie? could u please elaborate? thank you

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