3 Amazing Health Benefits of Simple Lemon Water



Could improving your health really be as simple as squeezing a little fresh lemon into those eight glasses of water you drink daily (or should drink!)? It almost sounds too simple, but drinking lemon water daily is really one simple way you can improve your health greatly. What’s so great about lemon water? Read on to learn why adding a little lemon to each glass of water you drink can be so good for you.

1. Natural Acids in Lemon Water Improve Digestion and Help Unlock Nutrients from Your Food

Many people today suffer from ill digestion due to either naturally low stomach acid levels or taking proton pump inhibitors, like Prilosec or Nexium, daily, which completely shut off stomach acid production. Stomach acid is very important for your health, and if it is low, then the acids in lemon juice can act as supplemental stomach acid!

Even if you don’t drink it all day long, the most important time to drink lemon water is before, during, and after meals. The healthy acids can help unleash nutrients in your food and improve your digestion.

Unlike the unhealthy acids added to sodas that can damage your stomach and even leach calcium from your bones, lemon contains several natural, healthy acids, including malic acid and ascorbic acid. You likely know ascorbic acid by its household name, Vitamin C, and malic acid is present in many other fruits, including apples.

The malic acid in lemon juice also stimulates saliva production, and it is a little known fact that digestion begins in your mouth when saliva begins to break down your food.

2. Lemon Water Can Help Kill Unhealthy Food Bacteria Before It Makes You Ill

Stomach acid also plays another important role in your health, and that is killing any unhealthy bacteria that may be on your food, such as e.coli, before it hits your intestines where it can replicate and make you extremely ill. However, when you eat a meal, the pH level in your stomach actually becomes higher, which means your stomach is less acidic when you eat.

When you accompany your meals with lemon water, you keep your stomach from becoming so basic (meaning non-acidic) when you eat, and this can help your body naturally kill any bacteria that could potentially cause food poisoning before it makes its way to your colon.

3. Lemon Juice is Filled with Healthy Antioxidants and Vitamin C

As mentioned, lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C, which is not only a vitamin, but also an antioxidant. Few people know that lemon juice has as much vitamin C as orange juice! Antioxidants kill those free-radicals in your body that can cause cancer and other diseases and make you age faster.

The malic acid in lemon juice is also very beneficial to your body, and it has been shown to boost energy energy levels and reduce body pain. This acid even acts a slight appetite suppressant, so if you are trying to lose weight, a glass of lemon water before your meal can even help you stick to your goal of eating less.

When choosing the lemon you add to your water, remember that fresh lemons are best. If you do opt for bottled lemon juice in a pinch, make sure you choose one sold in a glass bottle, because the acid in lemon juice can easily break down and those endocrine-disrupting chemicals in plastic that you don’t want to consume.

Start drinking lemon water today, because it is such a simple, affordable way to improve your health!

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